Our Story

The Marram Grass menus sing of local produce and the seasonality of what’s available around us. We’re a unique offering for Anglesey, our team walk out of the kitchen and we can see and smell the produce that is growing around us. This produce forms the base of our menu, the ground surrounding us is directly offering up and surrendering the starting point of all our dishes, from which we can create, complimenting with the flavours and textures of other local producers, producers from Wales or stand out quality produce from further afield.

The rusting tin sheets of the original potting shed still keep us sheltered as we stand now as a restaurant, the breeze block walls still offer us the support we need. We’ve embraced this building, we’ve let it be and instead focused on delivering ambitious flavours, prioritised developing a real sense of service and investing in our team but in an informal and relaxed setting that doesn’t hold back the flavour of our food one bit.


Mon Mam Cymru, the mother of wales!

The natural landscape and the beauty of our surroundings are inspirational as we continuously evolve. Step outside the kitchen and the hit of sea air, horizon of green fields, sense of place has to be communicated in what we do. 

We’re located in Newborough, an area of outstanding natural beauty in the south west corner of Anglesey. Across from the panoramic of Snowdonia. Ynys Mon. The island that once fed the whole of Wales.

The gentle flow of people strolling and the buzz of young families creating memories is a gentle reminder that we sit on the entrance of White Lodge Caravan Park. It is a small, relaxed site that we have grown alongside.

It offers up a balance, a slowness to the energy of the restaurant; a friendliness and a constant opportunity for conversation with passers by with time on their hands.

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Ask anyone about these guys and no-one will be able to give you a full picture of what they are working on.

Bouncing back and fourth between hunting down produce, coming up with dishes or developing the site.

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