Our Story

The Marram Grass has grown from an all-day breakfast place to a neighbourhood bistro and has carried on evolving into what it is today. We have that relaxed atmosphere coming through and along the journey we’ve tried not to lose that as we look to develop the food and service. Fundamentally you are eating in the shed, though we have continuously unveiled a new looking interior and kitchen – we are still a shed, so we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We want the place to be warm and inviting.


We’re always looking for new projects to keep us and the team interested and developing. We want to keep learning and improving. And we find that the best path is to do so by following our interests.

We have fallen in love with Anglesey and the surround area, with it's stunning beaches and picturesque views across the mountains.

We have a lot of memories here of holidays growing up with the family. BBQ’s, seafood, local meals. We look to replicate the excitement of these memories with the experience of eating here.


 We moved to Anglesey in 2009 and for two years ran the White Lodge Café on our parents campsite.

It was 2011 which marked the creation of the Marram Grass which signified a commitment from us to stay in the area long term and to focus on the evolution from a café to what we are today.