The Food

Inspired by local produce, the food is created with what can be sourced locally or from our own garden. We have worked over the past 6 years to find producers across Anglesey who can deliver the best quality. We do also use produce from further afield if the quality is there or we find something / someone of interest. Use our menus as a guide of what we are trying to achieve, we change them regularly.





The food is a showcase of seasonal local produce. We put a huge emphasis on the provenance of our ingredients, our relationship with local farmers, producers & suppliers.

The island gives a natural boundary within which we can focus our search for food. The beaches, the farms, the people give us an inspiration for the base of our dishes. The sense of place and time gives us a natural narrative for our menu.


Our plan now, is to build on our experiences and evolve our journey into discovery, not only through nurturing, exploring and learning more about tastes, but also through growing our own produce and rearing our own animals.